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Honeymoon Vase

Honeymoon Vase

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Ignite your Everlasting Candle experience with our newest rectangular vase collection, which seamlessly blends sophistication with understated living. Pair it with our Everlasting Candles! 

With a touch of relaxed luxury, inspired by the coastal lifestyle, we offers two distinct colors to choose from featuring stone-textured finishes layered with the airiness of our hand-blown glass.

Product Highlights

  • Sustainable - Experience candlelight that can be relit thousands of times.
  • Pristine Oil® - Clean-burning, scent-free, smoke-free, and soot-free ambience.
  • Instant Luxury - Transform every moment into a special occasion.
  • Perfect Gift - A unique and memorable gift for someone who has everything.
  • Crafted in Canada - Proudly designed and handcrafted in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability.
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